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Finding the Beauty, Order, and Simplicity of Nature

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On a larger scale, nature paints pictures, combining sculpture, solor, texture and pattern

Flowers, trees and plants provide the color, pattern, and tranquility that beautify our world 

We share our world with  a host of beautiful and uniquely engineered creatures

A landscape photographers dream ..... a land of extremes, elevation, temperature, and terrain

I've been an avid nature photographer for over 40 years, progressing through wet chemistry darkrooms into the digital age.  

My focus in the field is finding the art in nature; extracting simplicity, patterns, and structure from the fabric of our busy world. 

My greatest joy comes from teaching and sharing my experience with other photographers in workshops or other less formal settings.

Fernwood Photography Club - Niles, Michigan

        Trillium Weekend

Fernwood Photography Club - Niles, Michigan

        Indoor Photo Shoot

Fernwood Photography Club - Niles, Michigan